Super Starter Kit Based on Arduino UNO R3 with Tutorial and Controller Board Compatible with Arduino IDE, Includes Relay Wireless Radio Frequency Remote Control Switch Transmitter and Receiver

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Compatibility with Official Arduino IDE, Software, Sendsors and Codes


  • What about novice users without any electronic knowledge? Don't be afraid of friends. Just follow our accompanying tutorial step by step and you will realize that learning electronics with this amazing sensor kit is more fun than you think. For friends, family members or children who are obsessed with electronics, programming or robotics, this is a good choice and perfect gift to take the first step in the electronic journey! Arduino is an open source platform for building electronic projects.
  • Our RODOT DIY UNO R3 main control board is compatible with the official Arduino microcontroller board. You can use the official Arduino software, sensors and codes to learn RF433MHZ. The Arduino board can be used as the brain behind almost all electronic projects. Arduino is in the complete package. We focus on updating and adding more advanced modules, allowing the controller to control each other with buttons, LEDs, motors, speakers, etc.
  • We have the most complete introductory set with high-quality module components. The courses we include have a total of 15 lessons. In these 15 lessons, each lesson includes how to pair modules, how to decode or encode programs, and modules. Compatible with Arduino microcontrollers, what are the common models in coding, what are the decoding methods, and the common pairing methods in life, this kit is suitable for use by adults aged 10 and above and adults. Note: Young children should be under the supervision and guidance of adults
  • Our tutorial is to be able to recognize the use of 433M wireless control transmission and reception in specific applications, to simulate the scene process of one remote control controlling another remote control, and to show you the most common 433M applications in life, even if you are a novice. Getting started, you can quickly learn the matching method and apply it in life
  • Multi Projects

Water LED project made by RODOT UNO R3 BOARD


  • This project is to use the RODOT UNO R3 development board for programming, ATMEGA328P-PU main control chip Cycle to make pin2, pin3, pin4, pin5, pin6, pin7 output high level, from the driving LED lights turn on and off like running water. The long leg of the LED light is positive,
  • The port of ATMEGA328P-PU is connected, and the short heel is connected.
  • When the port of ATMEGA328P-PU outputs high level, the LED light will light up,
  • When the output is low, the LED light is off.
  • WL102 RF transmitter module for transmitting RF signals


    • This project is to use the development board to program, let the pin10 of ATMEGA328P-PU


    The data format required to output the RF signal, when the data of the WL102 module

    According to the data received by the pin, the data will be transmitted in the form of radio frequency. beside


    • There is a decoder, which can display the data of the received radio frequency signal and display


    Come out, there is also RX480E installed on it, you can see that the 4 LED lights are also on at this time

    Because the received signal is "1111", each pin of RX480E outputs

    High level, lights up the LED light.

  • TX118SA RF transmitter with encoding module and RX480E RF receiver with decoding module


    • This project uses the development board for power supply, simulating a remote control to control another In the scenario of a receiving module, the signal pin of RX480E is connected to LED, and the signal pin of TX118SA is connected to Press the key. Each time you press a key, the corresponding LED will light up.
    • TX118SA is a 433MHZ RF transmitter module, where TX is the transmitter
    • It means that the 4-way interface can be connected to the low-level effective button to simulate the button for RF
    • Signal transmission, the module has been coded, the coding type of the module is EV1527.
    • RX480E RF receiver and decoding 4CH output module


      • This project is to use the remote control to control the rotation of the small fan.
      • The development board provides power to the RX480E module and voltage to the chip ULN2802
      • When the button of the remote control is pressed, RX480E receives the signal, D3 output
      • Output high level, the ULN2802 pin receives the signal to make the motor and ULN2802 phase
      • One end of the connection is connected to the ground, and there is enough driving current to drive the fan to rotate.

packing list:

1 pcs UNO R3 Controller Board  

1 pcs Breadboard  

40 pcs Female-to-female Dupont Wire

40 pcs Male-to-female Dupont Wire

40 pcs Male-to-Male Dupont Wire

1 pcs DC 2-5V 433Mhz RF Transmitter Module with Coding 

1 pcs DC 3.3-5V 433Mhz RF Receiver Module with Decoding 4-Channel Output 

1 pcs DC 3-5V 433Mhz Wireless Receiver Module 

1 pcs DC 2-3.6V 433Mhz Wireless Transmitter Module 

1 pcs Darlington Tube 

1 pcs Wireless Remote Switch 1 Channel DC 3-5V Relay Controller 

1 pcs DC 2-5V 433Mhz RF Receiver Module 

1 pcs DS18B20 Temperature Sensor 

1 pcs DC 3.6-24V 433Mhz Wireless Receiver Control Module 

1 pcs Battery Box

1 pcs Fan Blade 3 Leaves 

1 pcs Photoresistor Light Sensor Module

1 pcs Brushless DC Motor

6 pcs In-line Tact Switch

1 pcs 17 Keys RF Wireless 433MHz Remote Controller

1 psc Adjustable Rheostat 

1 pcs USB Cable

1 pcs Active Buzzer

5 pcs Blue LED 

5 pcs Green LED 

5 pcs Red LED

15 pcs Plug-in LED Light Emitting Diode

2 pcs Antenna


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Please send PDF Manual or link with the 15 lessons

Kit looks great, lots of parts, looking forward to using the kit. However I do not have a PDF manual. I have sent many email requests to "[****]" as instructed but have not received anything back. Please can you send the manual or a link to the manual/PDF. Thank you.