RODOT RX480E 2 PCS 433Mhz Wireless Remote Control Switch 4CH RF Relay 1527 Encoding Learning Module For Light Receiver Diy Kit

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The Receiver is encoded with EV1527 and are ONLY compatible with Transmitter encoded with EV1527


Package Included:
Receiver module (RX480E-4)      * 2pcs

This package does not include the antenna. 

Qiachip RX480E-4 Specifications:

[Receiver module ] Product Model: RX480E
Working Voltage : DC3.3~5V
Quiescent Current : ≤5mA
​Output current : 10 mA
Working Frequency: 433MHz( Others can be customized )
Receive Sensitivity: -108dB
Receive Distance: 15 meters above
Frequency band: ±0.2MHz
Working Temperature : -25~75

Pairing Instructions:
  1. Delete existing data: Press learning button 8 times. Response: LED flashes 7 times.
  2. Learning remote code: press learning key once, twice or three times (see below).
    LED turns on: learning mode is active. Press any button of the remote control.
    LED indicator flashes three times: learning successfully completed.
  3. Test: after the above operation , the receiver board can be controlled by the remote control.
  • Press once: Inching mode (Momentary Mode)
  • Press twice: self-Lock Mode (Toggle-Mode of the 4 Channels)
  • Press three times: interlocked mode (selected channel active and be cleared, if another channel becomes active)
  • GND : ground or negative pole

    +V : DC3.3~5V input
    D0: Data output
    D1: Data output
    D2: Data output
    D3: Data output
    VT: Output 

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