RODOT Ultra HD AV Receiver– Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wireless Streaming For Control TV and other devicesCompatible with & Smart Home Automation

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Product Introduction

RODOT Ultra HD AV Receiver– Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wireless Streaming For Control TV and other devices Compatible with  & Smart Home Automation that integrates Bluetooth gateway + infrared + radio AV Receiver.

Bluetooth Gateway lntegrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, mainly used forremote cloud management of Bluetooth devices, insimple terms, it is a scanning management devicefor Bluetooth devices.
IR Control It has an infrared code library for main stream brands of air conditioners,set-top boxes, electric fans.TVs and other products on the market.It can replace the original infrared remote control.
RF Control Add RF remote control via DIY button, you can control RF controlled equipment
APP Remote Control Through Smart Life APP, you can remotely control the sub-devices of the Bluetooth gateway and remotely control the IR/RF devices in the network environment.
Massive Infrared Code Library Infrared code libraries for mainstream brands of air conditioners, set-top boxes, electric fans, televisions, etc. on the market
Offline Reminder If the device is offline for more than 30 minutes, the App will receive an offline reminder.
Smart Sharing The device can be shared with friends on the mobile APP to achieve multi-person control.

Product specifications

Remote Control Type Infrared + RF combo
Power Input DC 5V 1A(USB Input)
Infrared Frequency 38KHZ
Whether to Support Learning Support
Whether to Support Linkage Support
Remote Control Range(Infrared) Infrared 7-9 meters can not go through the wall
Remote Control Range(RF) 100 meters in an open area, can penetrate walls but the signal will be attenuated
Wireless Module Tuya WRB3S
Bluetooth Frequency 2.4GHZ
WIFI Standard 802.11 b/g/n 1x1, 2.4G
Number of Sub-Devices 32 mesh sub-devices (3 BLE devices)
RF Storage Number 50
RF Frequency 433MHZ
Weight 98g
Size 91 mm x 91 mm x 43 mm
RF Encoding Format EV1527

How to match APP?

Preparation before use

1.Power on the gateway and make sure that the phone is connected to the Wi-Fi network in the 2.4GHz frequency band; turn on the phone's Bluetooth.

2.Make sure that the gateway, mobile phone, and router are close to each other.

3.Search for "Smart Life" in the App Store or scan the QR code right to download and install the App;

How to match the APP with the gateway?

1.Power on the gateway, press and hold the button of the gateway until the LED indicator flashes red and green alternately,and the device enters the pairing state.

2.Open the "Smart Life" APP, click the "+" in the upper right corner to enter the device addition page,and then select "Auto 'Scan" (please turn on the Bluetooth function of the phone before performing this operation) to start searching for nearby devices to be added.After discovering the device to be added , The icon and name of the device will appear on the APP page , then please follow the APP prompts to add the device.

How to add a remote control that the gateway can control?

Open the "Smart Life” APP, select "Bluetooth Gateway & Universal Remote Control" in the list of "All Devices" on the APP homepage, and follow the prompts to add.

Add IR remote control :

In the "Add Remote", select your own infrared device model according to the APP prompt, and add an infrared device.

Add RF remote control:

Pull to the bottom of "Add Remote" and select "DlY", then select "DIY Other". jump to the custom interface, click "+" on the page, and press the RF remote control at the center of the device as prompted to learn.

After successfully learning the remote control, click "Finish" in the upper right corner to complete the learning of the RF remote control;

If you need to learn a new remote control, please repeat the above operation.

How to use the gateway to control sub-devices?

1.Open the "Smart Life”APP, click "Bluetooth Gateway & Universal Remote Control", and select "Gateway".

2.If your device has been successfully paired in the APP, you can select "Add device by list" at the bottom of the page to directly add a child device.

3. If you have not paired the device yet, make sure that the device is in the pairing state (see the APP prompt to see how to enter the pairing state),select "Search new device" at the bottom of the page,and add sub-devices according to the prompts on the page.

4.After successfully adding a sub-device, click the corresponding sub-device,and click the "..." that appears on the right to control the sub-device.

5.After finish ,Sub-devices can be added to the home page for faster control.

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