How to make a Smart universal remote control to ANY device in your home?

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       Have you ever encountered that when you want to turn on the air conditioner, TV, set-top box or other remote control devices in your home, the air conditioner in your home is always missing, maybe you put it in a hidden corner, or Maybe a naughty child at home took it away, or worse, the remote control is broken. In this case, if there is a remote control that can be used by all devices, and it can be fixed in a certain position and is not easy to lose, you can use it with The mobile phone devices are connected together, and the appearance is very novel. It does not look like a remote control. You may think it is just a portable audio, power bank, or just a router. It will play a role in your home and office, quietly Stay in a corner and connect the remote control device at home with the smart device. With this device, it will greatly facilitate our lives.

     This time RODOT wants to make a real universal infrared remote control. It is not as simple as the one on the market. It's not only  supports remote infrared devices. What's more ,what we want to do is an interesting and versatile smart home controller.

      RODOT Universal Remote Control will support infrared remote control of equipment, 433MHZ wireless remote control, and Bluetooth gateway function. It can connect most of the smart devices in the home and office, and realize a mobile phone to control all devices. You can use the RODOT Universal infrared remote control to control TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators, control lights, smart sockets, switches, air purifiers,garage doors, sweeping robots and other smart devices.

      We can match the smart devices at home to the mobile phone through the universal infrared remote control, no matter when and where, we can achieve wireless control; with it, coupled with other smart home devices, we can create a more intersting and convenient family living environment.Of course, we don’t have to worry about losing the remote control anymore.

      In the next time, I will work with RODOT engineers to conduct a comprehensive analysis from design to purchase of materials for DIY, to successful realization of the product. Are you looking forward to it?

     Please join us /Arduino_DIY/, let's witness the miracle moment together!


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